Agritechnica 2023: 1,100hp Nexat gantry system to harvest 200t/hour

New Holland’s CR11 might have hogged the Agritechnica headlines but neither it nor the John Deere X9 can hold a candle to the Nexat combine in terms of harvesting output.

The gantry-style 1,100hp tractor unit is pictured paired with a 15.5m-wide, 31-row Geringhoff Patriot maize header – a combination that can apparently cut up to 200t/hour.

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Such dizzying performance doesn’t come cheap, with the full kit (drill, sprayer and combine header) likely to cost upwards of £3m.

There is a growing array of attachments available from the firm’s manufacturing allies, with Vaderstad suppling drills, MacDon offering conventional combine headers and Dammann providing sprayers with booms up to 70m wide.

The first batch of production machines will be delivered next year to well-heeled customers in the US, Brazil, Germany and Ukraine – all of which are farming at least 3,000ha.