Claydon Yield-o-Meter was formed in July 1981 by Jeff Claydon who both invented and manufactured the first ever on-combine grain monitoring device. Since then, the company has expanded its manufacturing facility and developed and refined its Opti-Till® product range: Claydon direct strip till drills and stubble management and weed control machinery.

The Claydon drill is at the heart of the Opti-Till® range, its unique leading tine technology tried and tested over 20 years. It not only dramatically reduces establishment costs and time, it also delivers consistent high yields whilst improving soil structure and health. The Claydon drill is versatile and reliable, able to drill in all weathers and soils, with a range of swap in/swap out options including low disturbance set-ups.

Claydon drills have proven themselves to produce reliable results the world over with their unique design benefiting the environment and delivering a profitable outcome.

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