Contractor prices calculator 2022-23

The contracting prices calculator allows you to quickly estimate the total cost of contracting for your farm. These are average prices surveyed from NAAC members and the actual price may vary considerably.

  • Estimate all your contractor farming costs
  • Calculate costs in hectare or acre
  • Download report to spreadsheet

*Prices based on the 2023-24 NAAC contractors survey PDF Disclaimer - These are average prices surveyed from NAAC members – the actual price may vary considerably between regions, soil types, distance travelled, size of contract undertaken, size and type of equipment used, and the amount of product applied. The NAAC is also aware that many contractors are now making individual arrangements with their customers regarding diesel (for example, separate fuel surcharge, fuel used on-farm, etc.) The prices do not reflect this market trend and such agreements may make a significant difference to contracting charges. Prices are based on red diesel at £1/litre, are intended as a guide only and are per area unless otherwise stated.