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To address the critical issue of biodiversity loss, we are looking for landowners and farmers to establish a nationwide network of Habitat Banks in partnership with us.

By leasing your land to Environment Bank for a 30-year term, we work together to establish a biodiverse Habitat Bank that the landowner or farmer is contracted to deliver.

We produce a bespoke management plan to work alongside your current business operations, and our team of ecologists provide annual structured support and guidance for the full term.

We are fully funded so we can guarantee secure, long-term annual payments as soon as the lease is signed. We will also cover the project’s costs, including habitat creation and your legal fees.

Species-rich grassland, woodland, wetland, or rewilding sites – join the growing number of landowners and farmers diversifying their income and rewriting futures by transforming spaces and restoring nature.

To get started, register your land at environmentbank.com/registry or call our team on 01904 202990.


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