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Listen to The Farmers Weekly Podcast for our take on the top news affecting UK agriculture. Podcast and projects editor Johann Tasker and Surrey farmer Hugh Broom delve behind the headlines – with comment, analysis and discussion from farmers and industry leaders.


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This is the second year of ‘Put Down Roots’ – Defra’s national tree planting campaign – which encourages farmers and landowners to create woodland using Woodand Creation grants. 

This year the campaign spotlights the England Woodland Creation Offer, which is administered by the Forestry Commission, plus a variety of regional grants delivered by various Woodland Creation partners across England.

The campaign highlights the benefits of woodland creation; including improving land, enriching biodiversity and the wider environment, and the potential to generate additional income.

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Hugh Broom

Hugh Broom farms beef cattle, some sheep and asparagus in Surrey. Previously as a young man, he spent 10 years pursuing an off-the-farm career as a radio journalist working for Capital Radio, LBC and BBC 5Live. Thanks to the magic of digital, he can now podcast from his farmyard.

Johann Tasker

Johann Tasker is podcast and projects editor at Farmers Weekly. A long-standing and integral member of the Farmers Weekly team, he has been reporting and analysing the impact of government policy on agriculture – and how it affects farm businesses – for more than 20 years.


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FW Podcast Ep 182: Natural England on food security

This week, will government targets to protect 30% of UK land leave enough left to maintain UK food security? We try to find out by asking the head of agriculture…


FW Podcast Ep 181: Farmers to be paid to store flood water

This week, Defra secretary Therese Coffey says the government is looking at paying farmers to store flood water on their land. It follows another winter storm and widespread flooding in…


FW Podcast Ep 180: Minette Batters apologises over GFC

This week, NFU leader Minette Batters apologises to farmers upset by its handling of Red Tractor plans asking producers to demonstrate their environmental credentials. Proposals by the Red Tractor Farm…


FW Podcast Ep 179: Red Tractor refuses to back down on GFC

In this episode, anger at the Red Tractor assurance scheme reaches a new high after it refuses to back down over plans to carbon footprint producers. Also, Welsh farmers say…


FW Podcast Ep 178: Red Tractor scheme sparks controversy

This week, the Red Tractor farm assurance scheme is embroiled in controversy after asking farmers to measure their carbon footprint. Farmers say the 'green commitment' proposal will mean more expense…


FW Podcast Ep 177: Spotlight on Conservative farming policy

This week, former government minister Jacob Rees-Mogg outrages British farmers by saying he would allow hormone-treated Australian beef into the UK. We visit the Conservative Party conference in Manchester and…


FW Podcast Ep 176: Lim Dems pledge farming support

This week, the Liberal Democrats are making some bold pledges for farming should they form the next government. We find out what it could mean for your farm business –…


FW Podcast Ep 175: Maize seed success and digital cows

Fears for next year's UK maize crop disaster averted as the government agrees to new seed dressing licenses. Are your cows ready to go digital? Are you ready to take…


FW Podcast Ep 174: Does Back British Farming day have impact?

Back British Farming day what impact does it really have on politicians? We meet the new shadow Defra secretary, how would he make farmers lives better if Labour won the…


FW Podcast Ep 173: Frustration as PM's pledges lack progress

This week, Rishi Sunak made a host of promises to farm leaders at a Downing Street summit held in back in May. But industry representatives have voiced frustration at what…


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