Interagro (UK) Ltd is a leading manufacturer of in-can adjuvants and biostimulants that help farmers achieve more sustainable and profitable food production through superior plant health.

At the forefront of adjuvant innovation for almost 30 years, Interagro operates in 27 countries across the globe, working in partnership with farmers, distributors, and experts within the agricultural industry to help safeguard crops from pests, weeds, diseases, and more recently, climate change.

Interagro’s full portfolio includes water conditioners, pod stickers, specialist anti-drift agents, as well as foliar and seed treatment biostimulants. Interagro’s continued investment in R&D and technology partnerships, whilst maintaining a strong and positive environmental focus to meet the changing demands of food producers, regulators and consumers, remain core to it’s delivery of innovative solutions to help ensure high yielding and efficient crop production in the most sustainable way possible.

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