Know How / Layers

With margins becoming ever-tighter, well-performing laying hens are absolutely essential to a profitable poultry business. Here, you will find our full archive of technical features and guidance that will help you achieve persistent, productive laying hen cycles.

Our key areas of focus are

  • Good practices for rearing, transfer and early lay
  • Advice on feeding strategies to ensure the best feed conversion
  • Reviews of the latest technology and equipment for the poultry sector
  • Help in managing birds through ever-longer laying cycles

Latest Know How


Why pastured poultry is good fit for grassland farm

At Paddock Farm in Warwickshire, 300 Hy-line and Dekalb hens follow beef cattle around the grazing rotation, producing an average of 240 eggs a day. They apply their manure directly…


4-point control plan for managing heat stress in poultry

Climate change is driving increasing weather extremes, which has made heat stress more topical for UK poultry producers. “Last year, some broiler operations lost up to 30% of their flock…


New poultry units - planning and environmental permissions

Applicants seeking planning consents and environmental permits for poultry housing must meet increasingly tough pollution prevention regulations and high upfront costs for environmental mitigation measures. Some regions with an already…

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