Novag shows 9m, 18t tracked T-ForcePlus 950 drill

Some careful manoeuvring was required to get the latest T-ForcePlus drill on Novag’s show stand.

With wings that fold out to 9m, a tracked undercarriage, a monster 7,700-litre hopper and a staggering unladen weight of 18t, the 950 has been designed to satisfy demand from growing markets in Eastern Europe, North America and Australia.

That tonnage, which can be increased with 6.4t of ballast, is combined with automatic pressure regulation of up to 500kg/coulter to keep the row units working at a consistent depth of between 10mm and 100mm.

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Buyers have the choice of 36 coulters spaced at 250mm or 48 for narrower 188mm rows.

Both versions employ the same sowing assemblies, with a notched disc carving through the stubble ahead of a “T” boot with separate outlets for seed and fertiliser – a setup that is said to leave 90% of the soil undisturbed. Slanted press wheels then close the slot.

The enlarged hopper has been moved further forward to improve tractor traction and make the tank more accessible for calibration and filling, and it comes with a moveable central wall that allows owners to vary the proportion of space dedicated to seed and fertiliser.

Two additional 350-litre tanks can be fitted for seed or microgranules.

Recommended working speed is up to 12kph – almost 10ha/hour – and the company reckons it’ll take roughly 10hp/coulter to pull. List price is a whopping £263,800.

The French firm also has a 10m version, the 950X (£275,800), which is built on the same platform.