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Calibrating and keeping your crop sprayer in tip-top condition with the right nozzles for the target and spraying conditions form an important part of our coverage; plus user experience of mounted sprayers, trailed sprayers and self-propelled sprayers, guidance and auto spraying technologies.

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Spot spraying option coming to John Deere's trailed R-series

John Deere is finally ready to roll out its spot spraying system in Europe, five years after its $305m (£250m) acquisition of Californian start-up Blue River. The See & Spray…


Knight to import budget Belgian sprayers and cultivators

Knight Farm Machinery is to import four low-cost sprayer models from Belgian maker Beyne that will supplement its current line of comparatively high-tech mounted, trailed and self-propelled machines. Dubbed the…


Norfolk grower rates UK's first Mazzotti 4080 sprayer

Since John Deere snapped up Mazzotti in 2017 it has been busy administering a series of green injections to the Italian maker’s range of self-propelled sprayers. The Deerification has been…


Contractors build blackgrass-beating 24m weed wiper

Unable to get the upper hand on rampaging blackgrass using conventional means, East Yorkshire growers Andrew and Michael Richardson went on the hunt for a more extreme method of control.…


Fendt and Dammann to offer smart targeted spraying

Hot on the heels of upgrades to the boom height, rinsing and nozzle technologies available for the Fendt Rogator self-propelled sprayer comes news that the machine will be available with…


Kverneland adds SpotSpray option to improve sprayer accuracy

Kverneland has added three new options to its range of mounted and trailed sprayers, all aimed at increasing application accuracy. The first is SpotSpray, which is an extension of the…

Sprayer reviews and tests

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Driver’s view: Chafer Interceptor F-4000 sprayer

We asked five operators to run through the good points and bad points of their self-propelled sprayers and explain why they picked them. This time we’re focusing on British-built machines…


Driver's view: Richard Darling's 36m Horsch

Richard Darling has worked for Bedfordshire-based Davison & Co for eight years over two four-year stints and pilots the firm’s monster Horsch PT280 self-propelled sprayer. Operator Richard Darling Company Davison…


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Simple solutions for speedier spraying

Typically in the UK, less than a third (28 days) of the key spraying period March to May has suitable weather for spraying, according to Syngenta. Cutting the amount of…


Video: How to get the best from your sprayer

James Stafford Top 10 tips Videos Sprayers are one of those bits of kit that need a good dollop of TLC to keep them running at their best. We talked…