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For more than 60 years Timac Agro, a subsidiary of the Groupe Roullier, has been continually innovating to offer agronomic and zootechnical solutions that optimise agricultural performance in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.

We have an international team of research scientists from several biological and engineering disciplines working with 60 universities worldwide, based from our purpose built 5000m2 Centre Mondial d’Innovation (CMI) with its phenotyping capabilities, artificial Rumens, and growth rooms. Here we create and design the fertiliser, soil conditioners, biostimulants and nutritional amendments of tomorrow. Our unique technologies and products are perfected in labs and proven in fields.

At Timac Agro UK our core vales are based around working with forward-thinking farmers and distributors to deliver whole-farm value-based nutritional solutions to optimise soil, plant and animal health thus fortifying their business to thrive in the current and future markets.

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