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Tailored services for Agriculture, Horticulture and Viticulture

Variations in weather and climate and extreme events, locally and internationally, significantly impact farm productivity and food supply chains. While we can’t control the weather we experience, we can work alongside you to help schedule tasks and plan, enhancing productivity while operating in harmony with the environment.

At WeatherQuest, our philosophy is to add value to computer model predictions by retaining the option for ‘forecaster intervention’ using our trained meteorologists’ knowledge and experience.

We are a privately-owned weather forecasting and analysis company whose mission is to help you save valuable time and money by providing an umbrella for your business.

We do this by making it easy for allowing you to access advice in person and to develop bespoke services together.

Speak to our forecaster on 09065 77 76 75 (6am to 5:30pm, 356 day a year)
Calls are charged at £1.55 per minute, plus any network charges that may apply.

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What is the Spray index?

The spray index is a composite index incorporating factors such as air temperature, rainfall and wind speed to determine if conditions are ideal or not for crop spraying. Output values are ‘Green’ for ideal spraying conditions to ‘Amber’ and ‘Red’ for increasingly unfavourable spraying conditions.

What is the Drying index?

The drying index is a composite index incorporating factors such as air and dewpoint temperature, rainfall and wind speed to determine if conditions are ideal or not for drying. Output values are ‘Green’ for ideal drying conditions to ‘Amber’ and ‘Red’ for increasingly unfavourable drying conditions.

Can i change the unit measurement from celcius to farenheight?

Currently weather only supports celcius. Should you require farenheight, please submit feedback and we will consider adding this in at a later stage.

My location doesn't seem to be returning any weather data

If the location you set is not retrieving any weather, please remove this location and try again clicking on a slightly different part of the map.


As a farmer, help us to provide you with a better weather experience.

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