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In a competitive cereals market, our wheat page aims to help you grow a more profitable crop in the face of rising costs and volatile grain markets.

This is your starting point for addressing challenges such as fungicide and weed resistance, integrating different cultivation techniques, exploring precision farming and protecting the environment.

Key areas of focus:

  • Getting establishment right
  • Planning fungicide strategy
  • Assessing fertiliser requirements
  • Keeping on top of blackgrass
  • Choosing the right varieties for the right market

Latest Know How


Transition farm switch to strip-till boosts margins and soil

At a Farmers Weekly Transition project farm walk in Suffolk, Claydon Drill demonstrated how low-disturbance systems can boost soil health and improve margins. Claydon’s 360ha Gaines Hall arable farm and…


How a regen farm is reducing inputs to meet SFI targets

The drive to reduce the use of artificial inputs is under way at Raby Farms in County Durham, with the business recognising the economic and environmental benefits of being less…


Why wheat blends outperform individual varieties

A blend of four winter wheat varieties can help increase yields and allow growers to cut back on fungicides costs as it helps to slow down disease cycling through the…


Top tips for late-drilling wheat growers

Late-drilling winter wheat growers on heavy soils need to focus on crop nutrition as rapidly cooling soils give slow availability of nutrients, and so feeding crops is key to preventing…

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